Monday, November 25, 2013


I bet all of you are curious as to where I go transferred =)  Well I will go through the week and tell you at the end. Ha Ha

Monday was our last lessons with Mandy and Trysin.  They are getting baptized next Saturday.  There interview is today. We are pretty excited!!
This whole week we just went and visited all of the names that the leaders gave us in Ward Council.  We made contact with a lot of them, but didn't really get a lot of success.  We did meet a really nice lady who we are going to teach after Thanksgiving.  She has liver failure and is interested in what our church is about.  I think she is mostly interested in the free help we offer. Haha.  So I am excited =)  She is a cutie.

Wednesday was just more visiting, nothing special really other than district meeting.  That was fun.  We played a game:  Tic Tac Toe.  They set up 9 chairs in a square like tic tac toe, then we all stood in a line in two teams.  Someone calls out a topic found in the scriptures and we have to hurry and find it then run to a chair and as a team we have to make 3 in a row before the other team.  Gets a little violent and exciting.  But it was fun! We go out to eat after district meeting and we went to a pizza place that gives missionaries 50% off of everything plus a free drink. It's pretty awesome.  The owner likes to get to know the missionaries.  And he gives the missionaries in his ward free food whenever they want.  It was fun =)

 My district.. Elders left to right: Elder Brimhall, Weeks, Streeder, Jones, Mann, Rahman, Davis...
 Sisters left to right: Zavala, Dunkle, Me!
Thursday was just visiting more people.  We met with the high council in charge of missionary work. He is awesome.  Way nice.  Talked about how the missionary work is going.  Some of the elders in the district are teaching so much that they barely have time.  It's pretty awesome.

Friday we did tons of visiting people.  In the morning we dropped off Sister Dunkle to go with Sister Davenport again because her companion went to the temple then left for home on Saturday.  So sister Dunkle was planning to be gone until Monday, but then on Saturday it turns out that she was transferring to Nampa North with Sister Davenport anyway, so she just came back, picked up her stuff, and left.  So she is gone :P  She is with the sister training leader. I wish her luck.

Saturday is one of my favorite days I think.  Cuz we get to report our work to the ward mission leaders.  Not only do we get to talk to them and joke and laugh with them, but we get to show them that we are doing our best and getting work done.  It is very gratifying. Saturday morning there were transfer calls.  As I said before, Sister Dunkle went to Nampa North.  Sister Zavala is going to Nyssa to train a greenie.  And I.... I get to stay =)  And, I'm training! I told President Cannon he was crazy. Haha!  I am so scared.  But excited too =)  So I have the same address as before.  I know who my companion is tomorrow.  They will all show up fresh out of the MTC.  I'm not even done with my training yet! Hopefully I know all I need to to know.  Cuz if I don't then my companion wont. Lol.

Sunday was lots of church again.  Lots of fantastic talks though.  IT was good.  By 2 o'clock I get pretty figity though. Haha. After church and dinner we went to the members that Sister Zavala wanted to say bye to and got pictures and they gave us stuff (even though I'm not leaving I got stuff ;))  Stokes gave us a glass with our names on it.  So cute.  Sayer's gave us a cute teddy bear.  And Sweets gave us one of his cool rocks. I'm so excited to be able to stay and go to the Sayer's house for Thanksgiving! It's gonna be fun!

Today the scariest thing happened!  It's transfers so we went to a church building to meet who we had to pick up and take with us until tomorrow and no one was there yet.  After about 10 minutes 2 other sisters drove up and were talking to us while we were sitting in our car.  This guy with a robe on and a cane came up to the car and it looked like he was going to go around, but he opened the door and got in the back seat!  We all jumped out of the car, kinda freaking out!  He just sat there in our car.  We were like "Can we help you?" And he kep shaking his head, and he was kinda zoned out.  I'm pretty positive he was high or something.  It was disturbing.  He said that his 'father' told him to come here and talk to us.  And he kept saying he wanted to get baptized.  Then when we asked what his name was he told us it was Jesus Christ.  His kids were there too.  They were like 8 and 13, and they were just standing in the cold while their dad was sitting in a strangers car shaking is head up and down, back, and forth.  The kids didn't seem right either. They were kinda weird.  We figured out the guys name was Jason, and he wouldn't get out of the car.  He kept saying that they wouldn't let him out.  IT was creepy.  We gave the kids some crackers and I gave the little girl my cloves and someone found a jacket.  (We were there at 11, they had been there since 9)  The girl kept saying she wanted to go home, but the dad kept saying that this was his home.  We couldn't get him out of the car!  So the elders pulled out there rugby ball and we played with the little girl to occupy her for a while.  We called the cops and they finally came.  At that point we got him out of the car and started walking away.  When the cop talked to him he seemed really normal, it was the weirdest thing ever.  I feel so bad for those kids!!  And the cop just let him go.  He was wacked out and I really wish the cop did something so those kids didn't have to put up with their wacko dad.  But whatever.  I lost my gloves from that.  Haha. Oh well =)  Nothing bad happened, it was just the freakiest thing ever!  It made me love my family so much more.  Thanks family for being normal!!!!!!!!
Well, that was my exciting week... I'll let you know how training is going next week.
Love you all! =)

Love, Sister Radmall

P.S. Brennan's baptism is this Saturday =)
P.P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!! I will be thinking of you!!! =D  Remember to thank your Heavenly Father for the many blessings you have.  Just think.... What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday??

A lady who has brain damage and short term memory loss.  We sang Christmas carols and old songs while I played the piano =)  I loved it!!!!  Reminded me of when I played at the center =)
OH ya, I remembered something else that happened... Some of our investigators, Darren and Jessica, finally quit smoking.  They haven't smoked since Friday.  We went over there Saturday to see how they were doing.  We asked if they had any more cigarettes in the house and they didn't.  But they did have some in the shed.  Darren wasn't very happy that Jessica told us about it. Lol. So we went out and got it and she handed over a huge box of tobacco.  So we put it in the trunk.  Felt weird.  The people we live with aren't home so we didn't really want to put it in our garbage can in case they saw it in there when they did get home.  That woulda been weird :P  So we asked the S

ayers if we could put it in their garbage can. haha! It was funny.  They were like... uh.. sure.  Interesting experience =)

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