Monday, December 9, 2013

Quilting, Snow, and a Special Baptism

 shoveling snow at home

Hey y'all

This week was a really good and fun week, though not very productive.

On Monday we taught a less active family and the spirit was really strong there.  The Dad of the family got choked up when reading one of the scriptures we read to him.

Tuesday we went to help a lady in our ward make a quilt.  We helped cut fabric and pin it so she could sew the crazy quilt together.  It was fun =)  The rest of the day we visited people but not many people answered.  We got invited to activity days again.  So we went and they had a gift exchange.  I got a hot cocoa mug.  Then we decorated cookies.  Those girls love us to pieces.  They were fighting over where we should sit.  Haha.  There is a non member girl that goes and soon we will hopefully be teaching her family!  Later was a relief society Christmas party.  Another gift exchange.  It was pretty intense.  Lots of running around. Lol... I got some lotion at that one.

Wednesday we helped set up for the Savior of the World play going on that night.  Then we taught a lesson to a less active couple.  They are so sweet.  And I just wish I could get into their heads how important church is!  We will get there =)  Later was the play.  It was really good.  Very spiritual!  We invited a bunch of people but no one showed up either night :/ So that was pretty lame.  But I had a really good experience!  On Sunday I was sitting in front of a someone we had taught previously.  During sacrament meeting I felt like I should share a scripture with here.  Seemed silly because I had no idea what she was having a hard time with.  But I did.  I wrote down the scripture and put down a little testimony of it then as we were leaving I set it on her lap and smiled then we left.  On wed she came up to me and gave me a giant hug and told me I was an angel.  She had read the note when she got home and she said that scripture helped her a ton.  It was a testimony builder for me because it helped me see that I really was acting on the spirits promptings. =)

Thursday we helped out at a relief society party again.  Served food and sat and talked with the ladies.  Lots of fun.  Later we taught a member family the plan of salvation.  But instead of teaching it we had the kids answer the questions, so really it was them teaching us.  It was more fun that way and probably more benefiting for them. There was the play that night again.  No one we invited showed up.

Friday we did exchanged with the sister training leader.  Sister Bowler went with her and sister Dunkle came with me.  It was fun to spend a day with sis. Dunkle again.  Friday night was 34th ward's Christmas party and we had a really cool experience there.  There was a homeless couple passing through and the bishop invited them to the party to get some food and get warm.  So they came and sat by us.  They were so sweet and they kept saying that the feeling in the church was so good.  They had a Book of Mormon already and he was reading a bunch of books about Joseph Smith... so I don't know why he isn't LDS yet. Haha.  We couldn't really offer to teach since they were headed to Oregon the next day.  But we gave them a tour of the church.  It was humbling to hear their stories. It snowed friday morning.  And sister Dunkle was so funny.  She was like a little kid on Christmas.  She sat by the door for like 10 minutes just watching it snow.  She was like, "it's so sparkely! I keep waiting for it to stop snowing and start raining."  It was great =)  We went and shoveled a lot of drive ways that morning in our skirts.  They don't plow the roads here!  So every single road is a sheet of ice and it is so scary.  They barely even sand the intersections.  Obviously the snow here doesn't usually stay. 

Saturday was Mandy and Triston's baptism!! My first investigators =)  It was amazing.  Mandy hurt her foot and is on cruches so we went back and helped her so she wouldn't fall down the stairs.
 Mandy and Triston before
  I felt so much love and excitement for them as they both went in the water and came up clean and ready to receive the Holy Ghost.  I asked Mandy what had made her decide to get baptized and she said that her mother in law had been trying to get her baptized for 12 years.  All the missionaries that she saw couldn't answer her questions fully.  But we did.  She didn't even ask any questions while we were teaching her, but apparently she didn't need to ask because the spirit answered them.  That made me feel so happy.  And made me feel like a successful missionary!  I love them so much =)
 Mandy and Triston after
 Later that day was 9th ward Christmas party.  It was Hawaiian themed. The entertainment was hilarious.  People dressed up at the dispicable me minions danced and it was just really funny.  Wish I had pictures but I don't. Sorry.

Sunday was another long day at church.  And afterwards both me and sis Bowler were so tired.  Sis Bowler is getting some kind of cold so she isn't feeling well.  We went to the Christmas devotional at the Sayers and I almost fell asleep.  We just had absolutely no energy.  But that's alright. =)

That was my week... Like I said, fun and busy, but not very productive when it comes to actual missionary work. It has been really cold though.  Not as cold as in Utah it sounds like.  It's been in single digits most of the day.  This week it will be back up to 40. I'm crossing my fingers =)  I hope you all have a great week.
Remember Christ in this Christmas season.  Remember the greatest gift anyone could ever give which is Christ's atonement.  Find ways to repay him by serving others and standing as a witness of him at all times and in all things and in all places.
Love you all! =)
Love, Sister Radmall

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