Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a fabulous Christmas!! I sure did. =)

Monday we went and bought some craft stuff to make our ward mission leaders some super cute ornaments.  I will attach a picture. They will never forget about us =)

Christmas eve!  We had district meeting, that was fun like always.  Then we just went around to a bunch of members houses and shared 'The Legend of the Candy Cane' as the Christmas message.  Later we had dinner at Sayre's.  Then we played charades for an hour or so.  So fun!  Then all the Sayre's got to open their Christmas pajamas and we were just enjoying watching.  But Brother Sayre gave us a present and it was our Christmas pajamas!  It made me so happy to get those!  Me and Sister Bowler match.

Christmas day was fabulous.  Me and Sister Bowler had our own Christmas morning opening our presents and stockings.  We each had multiple stockings because people kept giving us some.  Haha =) Then we got to go back to Sayre's (I'm surprised they aren't sick of us yet) and call our families.  I got to face time for an hour and it was fun to see everyone!  Dont really remember what we talked about, but it was nice to just chit chat and see everyone's personalities again.  We got to play ticket to ride.  After Sayre's we went around to members again sharing our Christmas message.  We went to a family and Madison had gotten a Ukulele for Christmas but didn't know how to tune it.  So I got to help her tune and and showed her how to play it.  I really didn't want to leave that house!  But we had to :P  Hopefully we can go there again and I can play it.  I miss my Ukulele.

Thursday we contacted lots of people.  Nothing really exciting or different.

Friday we taught Lee again.  He is the non member that we stopped by the first time and offered to 'practice' discussions on.  He really is not going anywhere.  He is set in his ways.  He told us that if God had a religion then we would all be part of that religion.. yet, he said he has his own religion where he is the only member.  So it was confusing and I'm pretty sure we couldn't have stressed agency and the importance of organized churches any more then we did.  So we decided that we aren't there to soften his heart and convert him... we are there to strengthen his wife.  Because first, we were an answer to her prayers when we showed up on her doorstep and offered the lessons.  And second, during this last lesson we felt impressed to sing How Great Thou Art before we taught.  And we had her in tears, it was her favorite song.  So that was cool.  We love her, and hope we can continue to strengthen her!

Saturday we did more contacting.  And again... nothing really happened.  Lots of people weren't ho
Sunday after church ( we talked in one ward about missionary work) all three of our appointments canceled.  So after dinner we got permission from President to watch Ephraim's Rescue.  So we went to Brother Sweet's house and watched it!  I loved it!  I don't know why I never saw if before I left.  It was nice to watch a movie.  Haha.

That was my exciting week of Christmas.  I hope I don't bore you all with my letters.  I try not to make them boring.  And I hope I don't repeat things. haha =)  I don't always remember what I wrote in my other emails.

Next week is transfers.  That 6 weeks went by crazy fast!  My area is splitting so I will probably go one way and Sister Bowler will probably go the other.  Which is sad because I really like Sister Bowler.  I want her for another transfer!  So if anyone sends me anything this week make sure you sent it to the mission office: 1008 W. Sanetta St. Nampa, ID 83651
Sister Bowler and a goat. 

Something I said in my talk yesterday is this... my purpose as a missionary is to bring people closer to Christ.  Every missionary's purpose is to bring people closer to Christ.  And as David O' McKay says, "Every member a missionary" it is every member's purpose to bring people closer to Christ!  So I challenge everyone this year to be a missionary and bring someone closer to Christ by loving and serving them!  That is what missionary work is. =)

Happy new year!
Love you all
 See... I really am out in the country.  Sometimes =)
Sister Radmall

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