Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone..
I hope you all have felt the joy that Christmas brings.  The sweet music that talks about Christ.  My companion and I have been listening to Christmas music all month and we love it.
This past week was kind of hard.  But it was good. We started out really excited because we had 2 appointments EVERY night.  We were going to be busy.

Monday after p-day.. both appointments canceled.  So we went and taught fhe to the Sayre's.

Tuesday was a new missionary training for my companion.  So we went and hung out with other missionaries learning how to be better missionaries.  It was fun.  The trainers go in a different room from the newbies and talk.  I'm just gonna say that my companion is perfect =)  After that we had 3 lessons planned and one canceled.  So we got to teach but not as much as we planned.

Wednesday we taught a couple lessons.  Remember how last week we taught a non member on the spot (Lee)  we taught him again.  It was as good of a lesson as the first.  But hopefully we answered some  more of his questions.  His member wife loves to have us over though.  She said she enjoys watching us interact with her husband and answer his questions.  Then we had dinner with the Lunas (the people we live with)  they took us out to a yummy place within our area. I had breakfast.... the pancakes were literally the size of my head.  Tons of food.  Then we got to go to mutual.  The YW were having a pajama party.  We were invited because there were a couple non members.  So we made ourselves known to them =)  It was fun.

Thursday was zone conference.  Tons of fun!! I played the organ for the opening and closing songs.. and I played the piano for 2 musical numbers, then I played the organ as background while President Cannon read luke 2.  It was so much fun!! =)  I got to practice a bunch during the week.  Loved it!  We got to watch two movies... one about the book of mormon (forgot the title) and Mr. Krueger's Christmas.  Sister Bowler and I and our zone leaders (elder Streeter and Rodgers) were going to sing Silent Night A Capella and it was going to be amazing, we were really really excited. But elder Streeter was sick so we didn't get to sing it.  Lame, but oh well.  Both our appointments canceled so we didn't have much to do that night.  Sister Bowler got nerf guns at the zone conference so every night we have been having nerf wars =)  It's is awesome.  Then we go into a fit of giggles and start rolling around on the floor.  It's bad.  We have way too much fun =)

Friday... no one was home! We didn't get a lot done.  It started snowing pretty hard while we were at dinner so we stayed a little longer because the roads were incredibly scary.  Then we went straight home because I didn't want to drive at all.

Saturday morning we went around and shoveled snow again... this time we put pants on. Haha.  We didn't get a lot done again.  Went to our ward mission leaders is pretty much it.  But a funny thing did happen at dinner =) ... His brothers were coming over for christmas (they are single) and he was hinting to us to stay until they got there.  As soon as they got there he started telling them to stop being shy and shake our hands.  Before they came he told us that we needed to give them our address so they could write us.  He was pretty much setting us up with them. It was so awkward and hilarious!  Never exchanged addresses (good thing) but it was so funny.  That night we went home early again because the snow on the roads had melted during the day and froze to black ice later.  So that was fun.

Sunday we got to go to 3 Christmas programs.  Got a little bit long after the 2nd... But they were all super good.  Later we had 2 lessons but one canceled. So we helped a lady dip chocolates and put them on plates.  Then we taught Sandra again!  The lesson was not near as good this week as it was last week.  Poor Sandra was falling asleep while we were talking to her.  Haha.  She was so tired.  She doesn't want to be baptized yet.. but she is thinking about it.  She just 'doesn't want to jump into it so fast'.

That was my long week!  It wasn't bad, but not as good as last week.  This week will be better hopefully!  It's gotta be since it's Christmas =)

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!  Remember Christ, even through the hustle and bustle of the season.  He is the reason we are here, he is the reason we celebrate.  He gave his life so we can be resurrected and return to our father in heaven.  He is the perfect older brother.  He would do anything for us.. he DID do everything for us.  He is so amazing.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have every day to gain a better relationship with him.

Merry Christmas!
Love, Sister Radmall

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