Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 4

Hey y'all,

I just have to say that this last week flew by.  We actually had things to do!! Haha. 
Monday was Sister Dunkle's B-day. Idk if I already said that.  That was fun to celebrate.  She got the best birthday present ever.  Another baptism!  The 9 year old red head we are teaching, Tristan, his mom decided to get baptized too!  At first she wasn't interested and was just there to support Tristan, but somewhere along the line she decided to get baptized too.  It doesn't sound like we are going to get transferred, at least not far, so we will most likely be able to go to the baptism!

A cool thing happened.  We went to the ward mission leader's house, Brother Stokes, and his family was across the street talking to their neighbor.  It turns out that his neighbor has never been interested in the church, but for some reason he suddenly is.  He is in his 70's I think, has Parkinson's so has a really hard time talking and remembering things.  So our teaching is going to have to be slow, but that's ok.  It was way cool!  Kip is his name.   Kip's wife isn't interested at all, but is very supportive of Kip, and she is just the sweetest lady! Hopefully we can get her interested as well =)

The member family we taught and ate tacos with
We are teaching another 9 year old boy who has some emotional issues and is hard to talk to.  He gets really angry over silly little things.  For some reason he just didn't want to get baptized until he was 9 even though his whole family are members.  So we have been teaching him the lessons.  He already knows it all so we go through it fast.  IT's awesome because he is calm when we teach and answers our questions really well when we ask him things.  He is coming out of his shell with us, so that is really good =)  He is a fun kid.

Wed was so fun!!! We got to go to mutual and talk about role playing to the young women.  They loved it.  And I loved it!  We just talked about how important it is to role play when doing missionary work and how much it helps when you actually talk to your friends about the gospel.  It really does!! I challenge you all to do it before talking to someone about the gospel.  It's one of the best ways to get revelation.  (plus you get the awkward things out of the way so when you actually talk to them you know not to say those awkward things ;))  Then we had the YW do role playing to some of the questions that might come up during school.  They are so much smarter than me! I was stumped on some of those questions but they were all so good and had good questions themselves. It was a lot of fun!.... And there were oreos =)

We went to the family history center with a potential investigator.  That was a cool experience.  We didn't do anything because the family history people took over since we didn't know what to do.  But we got the chance to learn at the same time and research some family.  It was cool.  My companion did a lot of indexing.  They aren't joking when they say that family history work brings the spirit, cuz I definitely felt the spirit just when researching 2 or 3 of my ancestors!  =)

So we discovered that our favorite ward mission leader, Brother Sayres, his daughter and grand daughter are inactive.  And we didn't know!  But they love us so much that they really wanted us to teach them the lessons.  Turns out that our useless visiting at there house wasn't useless.  Jennifer and Mersaydee are their names.  We taught them the first lesson and Mersaydee (Sadee) doesn't know much about the gospel, but goes to seminary.  I challenged her to participate in seminary as much as she can even though she doesn't know much, and I testified that if she participates that she will learn from the spirit so much faster. So I'm gonna have to follow up on that.  I love that family so much!!! We are going to go to their house for Thanksgiving.  We are hoping to get permission from the president to spend most of the day with them and play games and such.. cuz we have no idea what to do on Thanksgiving, no one will be home, and those that are won't want us to come talk cuz they will be busy.  But we are going to figure that out =)  They love ticket to ride!!  I'm excited!

Saturday we went to the 9th ward's super saturday and made crafts.  That was fun.  They gave us free crafts!  I made a cute JOY and a nativity jar candle thingy.  It was fun to meet the 9th ward sisters and get to know them better.  I think the wards are finally beginning to trust us.  We got 1 referral instead of 0 haha.  So that's good. 
Sister Dunkle's Birthday Party!
Then Sunday was lots and lots of church of course.  7 hours.  Long day!  We have been teaching a member family every other Sunday and they feed us tacos for dinner.  But we didn't communicate so we had two dinners that day, back to back.  We were stuffed after the first one so we prayed that we could have room for the next dinner. Haha! It was funny.  We had two desserts to.  I was so full!  Anyway... we taught the last lesson at their house and it was kind of sad even though we only taught them twice.  And we will see them at church.  But the daughter was so sweet and gave us a scarf.  Fun stuff.

 At a zone meeting we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon by December 18th.  We all got a new Book of Mormon because another part of the challenge is to highlight where there is a reference to Christ.  Every chapter so far has at least 5 high lights. Haha! It's so cool! I'm going to do that with different subjects I think... get a new Book of Mormon and read it and mark everything to do with missionary work, or something to do with baptism, or faith, etc.  I'm gonna have a lot of little blue Books of Mormon by the end of my mission.

That's about all this week. Like I said, we had a lot more things to do.  It was fun.  A good week. Send me letters!! They don't have to be long, and they don't have to be for a reason, just send them.  I love getting letters during the week!

Love you all!! =D
Remember 2 Nephi 32:3, and Alma 13:24.... us missionaries need the member's help to find people that angels have been declaring to.  So pray for missionary opportunities, and feast upon the words of Christ so that you can know what to do when the opportune moment comes and be able to do it in faith. 

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Radmall

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