Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 3: Halloween


 Things aren't really picking up, but they definitely aren't as slow. We are still only visiting members and less actives because there isn't much else we can do. This letter might not be very long because we honestly just went down the list of members and went to say hi and ask for refferals. I think we are gaining the trust of the members though. So we should be getting more refferals. The little nine year old we are teaching is going to get baptized on Dec. 7... so I am hoping I don't get transferred!! I love this area! The people are awesome. The mission president says he is going to split our area. So it will be the 34th ward as one area and the 30th and 9th ward as another. But I am torn... Because our investigator is in 34th ward but my favorite family is in the 30th ward. So it's kinda a perdicament. Haha! I will probably get sent somewhere in Oregon in the mountains where there is tons of snow because I know how to drive in the snow..(and because I hate the cold and snow). It's so weird how much my companions know about me and vise versa. They know more little things about me than my siblings do. It's pretty funny when one of my companions will tell a member what I prefer to drink, or what I'm going to say and that really is what I want to drink or what I'm going to say. . It's pretty crazy. I still love driving. I know the area so well now. If I go out of the area I would be lost. But as long as I stay within the boundaries I'm good ;)

 It's been pretty warm.. Not hot, but not cold. Other than the rainy days. I had an experience with not listening to the spirit and it was really sad :P... We have a guy in our ward that isn't baptized but is really strong in the church. He doesn't want to get baptized for some reason, we don't know why exactly. But we think it has something to do with his wife being inactive. She doesn't want anything to do with the church and only a handful of people have actually met her because she is so good at avoiding us. We were going to visit someone and I thought we should go visit this guy, Kirt. But I decided we would go after visiting this other guy. We pulled up to Kirt's house after and his wife had just pulled in about 2 minutes before. She ran inside and when we knocked Kirt answered and said they were doing something so we had to leave. If I listened and we went earlier we would have already been in the house and met the wife. I don't know what would have come out of meeting her. But I wish I had listened. Next time! That's my sad story for the week. We are looking for service opportunities because we are so bored! It's hard to find things to do, and visiting members gets long and monotonous. No one would let us do service and no one was calling us, so we too the Luna's rakes (the members we live with) and started raking their yard. We were planning on walking down the street and raking peoples yards, but it turns out that the Luna's yard was bigger then we thought and it took a couple hours. But that's alright. It looked good. But I have bruises on my hands now, so every time I shake someone's hand it hurts! haha. It's kinda funny. There was kind of a cool experience after raking on Saturday. We decided to visit one of the mission leaders to report what we had done during the week (which was pretty much nothing but visiting LOL) and he was out with his family accross the street. So we went over and it turns out that his neighbor was suddenly interested in taking the discussions. It's kind of complicated, but we are going to try to teach him next Tuesday. He is an old man who has Parkinson's and sometimes forgets what he is going to say. So we are going to have to take the lessons really slow and repeat things a lot. I'm glad I got a chance to work at the assisted living cuz now I have more experience with that =) It should be fun, he is a really cool guy!

 Halloween was fun! Went to all the trunk or treats. Met lots of people. But we had to meet them again out of their costumes because we didn't recognize them. Haha! One of the bishops dressed up as kiss. And my favorite WML is in one of the pictures, he is the one with the mullet. (pictured on the left.)

Making donuts for Halloween at the West's!

 So the three of us sisters connected really well with one of the WMLs and his family. They are the most amazing people. They love us, and we love them!! They have a hot cocoa machine and they told us to go over anytime and get some even if they weren't home. So we did once. It was a rough day and we wanted hot chocolate so we went to the Seyers and went in while no one was home. Then we left a note on a napkin. It was funny. They loved it. We like going over there on Sunday nights because we are always tired and grumpy and they cheer us up so we can have a better rest of the night. They are awesome people. I'll get a picture of all of them at one point in time =) I think that's pretty much all that has happened! I love being so intune with the spirit, and I wish I figured out how cool the scriptures are years ago!! I challenge you to read Ether chapter 12.. It is my favorite chapter! Has so much good in it (unlike the rest of Ether which is just sad) ;) Have a fabulous week everyone!! Love you all =D Love, Sister Radmall

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