Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013


Well this week went by quick.  I can't believe November is half way gone.
Tonight we are teaching Mandy and Trystin their last discussion!  We will be doing some follow ups until their baptism which is December 7th.  Hopefully we can get Trystin's dad to get baptized as well.  We have been teaching them at the bishop's house and his dad hasn't been coming.  So hopefully we can catch him at their house.
Drawing a cockpit
Tuesday was Zone Conference. It was a lot of fun.  We did some games that they do at the Heber Valley Camp because there were some people that had served a mission there.  They served the same time we went there for girls camp. So that was cool =) Then we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders.  Sister Bishaw came with me and Sis. Z. And Sis. Dunkle went with Sis. Davenport.  Sister Bishaw is going home next week.  So it was fun to work with a missionary who has served her full mission.  She taught me that it's okay not to know every thing and it's alright if I don't know what to say in some situations.  Because she still doesn't know.  That night we felt like knocking on one of the member's door and she was freaking out because she had to color this huge paper for YW in excellenceWednesday night.  So we helped her with that and she was so grateful.  It was huge! She would have had to stay up all night to get it done.  ( She is an interior designer =) We have a connection. Lol)

 Later that night we taught our new investigator, Kip.  He has Parkinson's.  Brother Stokes (WML) was there with us.  We had to teach slowly because he has a hard time talking and getting out what he is trying to say.  There were some interesting things he said that night.  I was having a hard time not laughing out loud.
The finished cockpit
Wednesday, we helped for YW in excellence again.  Then we visited some members.  One member is having a really hard time right now so we went to see if we could help her with anything.  We just talked for a while.  Later we went to the YW in excellence.  It was amazing.  I was having a hard time not crying. It was so cool.  I don't know if I can explain it.  But we sat on an airplane and talked about flying to our destinations which are home, family, and the temple.  (there might have been other destinations I don't remember).  The picture we helped color was at the front.  I will send a photo of it.
Me and Sister Z.
Thursday was kinda boring.  Didn't have much to do.  Helped with a play that is going on the first week of December.  Then went on splits with some of the leaders in one of our wards.  I didn't split, I just went with Sis. Z.  Some how we always get put together even when splitting. haha.
Friday more visiting. That's about it.
Painting sets.
Saturday we did service for the play again.  We painted the sets. That was a lot of fun.. we did that almost all day. 12-4. it took forever!  Then we taught Brennan (another 9 year old investigator) his last lesson.  So he is ready to get baptized on November 30th. =)
Oh ya! On Saturday we went by every ward mission leader to drop of and discuss progress records.  The Sayre's aren't home, they are on vacation, but their house is always open so we dropped off the progress records and at the same time we heart (and turkey) attacked their house.  That was fun =)  And of course we got some hot chocolate out of their machine.  That is a must at the Sayre's.  We are spending Thanksgiving with them! I am so excited =)  They love ticket to ride.  I am so stoked!
We had Lasagna every night this week.  It was pretty hilarious!  I'm a little tired of lasagna. Haha!

Minion! :)

One of the elders in our district said they met someone that knows me from when I was little.  But they don't remember who it was... do you know who it might be?  They are in the Nampa East Stake, not sure what ward.  I am really curious.
9 hours of church yesterday.  It went by pretty fast though.  So that's good.  I had a lot of candy to snack on. Haha. And there were a lot of things I learned in the classes.  Last night we were invited to the Sweet's (WML) because they were having a birthday party.  So we met their whole family.  Reminded me of my family get togethers.  Haha! They are loud and tell lots of stories =)  They made me play the piano.  Granted, they didn't have to push me too much. It was fun.  I played pirates and waterfall. I am surprised I remember them, though they need a LOT of polishing. 
These two remind me of Ross and Delene. Cutest couple ever!
 They fed us dinner twice!
So that's about all for my week I think =)

Stay strong, and have good courage.  The Lord thy God is with you everywhere you go!  Be not afraid, neither be dismayed.  Do according to what is written in the scriptures and then your way will be prosperous and successful. (Joshua 1:8-9..... paraphrased)

Have a fabulous week!
Love, Sister Radmall

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