Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter from November 17th

Hey y'all!  

So, we got tons of snow this week.  Monday through Wednesday was so super cold and miserable.  Like in the teens.  Then Thursday it started snowing around 10 am and didn't stop until Friday evening.  Got about a foot of snow.  It's a lot better to be cold with snow, than without.  It's just miserable without snow.
Anywho... So this week we decided to teach the auxiliary heads The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is really hard to go out and meet new people in the dark and the cold.  So we are trying to fill our nights with appointments.  Teaching the members has been a really cool experience.  To figure out what to teach them we prayed and fasted the week before and felt good about the lesson we chose.  The members we have taught have shared awesome conversion stories, missionary stories, and just amazing experiences.  It's been great.

On Tuesday we had an awesome time with our new investigator, Becckie.  At first we thought we were there for her fiance, but quickly discovered he isn't interested much.  She is so ready for the gospel.  She is having a lot of struggles in every aspect of life.  Said she has hit rock bottom and is willing to try anything.  She was going to come to church yesterday but didn't =(  Anyway, we are super excited to teach her about Christ and the atonement.  I know it will help her so much.  It won't change her circumstances, but it can help her outlook and strength so much.

We have seen a little bit of progress in a couple of our investigators that we didn't think would be interested for a while.  Cleo we have been meeting with for ever it seems.  She loves the missionaries and loves the church but just can't get past Joseph Smith.  But when we answered some questions she had and she started reading the Book of Mormon she mentioned to us that Nephi could only have prophesied of America being a free country if he was a prophet.  So that was pretty cool =)

Saturday we had another awesome scripture study with Katie and Kaydon.  Kaite had a really good question and was so excited to find the answer in the next couple chapters following.  Kaydon was excited to read again.  It's so cool to see how exciting scripture studies can be.  I think we don't take full advantage of how easily we can have the scriptures.  And we don't use them as much as we could.  The scriptures, though they may be hard to understand, are so fun to read.  There are awesome if you really get into them.  
Hope that made sense... I'm a little distracted today.  haha.

Yesterday we did our musical number.  It was really good.  Sister Bailey's first solo, and my first time arranging music and playing it without music.  It was fun =)

Today we are playing flag football with the zone in Baker..... in the snow. I'm going to freeze!!!!
Last week dad asked if I needed anything for winter.. and I realized I don't have many warm socks.  Some fuzzy socks and super warm socks would be really nice.  And I may need gloves, depending on if there are any at walmart here or not.

Have a fantastic week!  Remember that the scriptures are written for us, and it is so easy to read them.  The more we read them the more will understand them and appreciate them. =)  If you have a bad day just open the scriptures and read... it always helps!
 LOve you!

~Sister Radmall  

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