Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Message from the field February 1st

Hey peoples =)
Did anyone else notice how random the weather was this week??  Sunny, then rainy, then so cold and foggy, then sunny again, and now raining!  Maybe that's just in Idaho.  haha
Feeding the horses at our house
Living in a mud hole
Monday night we had an awesome FHE lesson at the Yoders house.  They had an empty nesters and invited us to teach the lesson.  So we talked about how to study from preach my gospel and committed them all to read it.  Then we taught lesson 3 just like we would have to an investigator.  It was awesome.  They were all so enthralled and the spirit was so strong!

This is how missionaries park--so they don't have to back up.
Tuesday was fantastic.  So many great lessons!  We went to zone meeting,
The "O-Zone"  (Ontario Zone)
 then ate at Panda Express.. love that place.  Then we had to go to Les Schwab to get our tires aligned.  Then we had dinner and brought those memebers, the Tophams, with us to the Vincents house to teach them some commandments.  Awesome lesson!  They are all awesome at the Vincents.  Jerry is so so so ready to get baptized!  He just has to decide on a date still.  We then went to see what the scouts were doing.  They needed help with dinner and dessert, so we helped them for a while.  Then we had another really really awesome lesson with Scott.  He is a sort of recent convert, of like 3 or so years.  And he just got out of prison.  He has a completely changed heart, and is so willing to let Christ make him better.  It's amazing to see.  There is just a bright spirit about him everywhere he goes.  We talked about the restoration and Joseph Smith.  It was a lot of fun because he already knows a lot, so we went into a little deeper discussion with him than we would have with an investigator.  It was cool.

Thursday was so crazy.  We taught Sherri.  Great lesson!  She is going to get baptized Feb. 27!  She just has to stop smoking, and come to church every week... which she is doing great at so far!  We went to the Hortons and read with the girls again.  And I did their hair again.  They love that =)  We also saw Mike.  We think he can get baptized on the 27th too.  We shall see.  We are hoping Jerry will accept that date as well!

Friday I got to go to Sweet Idaho with Sister Mackelprang!! We had tons of fun =)  
Sister Krauss came here with Sister Clegg.  Me and Sister Mack had a great lesson Friday night.  I'm pretty sure we said 10 words.  We brought a member who is very talkative.  But it's a good, powerful talkative.  She connected so well with the 3 investigators!! It was so awesome.  She just kept going and going and taught practically the whole lesson, especially talked about the atonement.  It was so cool to see and feel the connection she had with one of the investigators who is trying to decide what to do.  He just went through a bad break-up and needs something more in his life.  So she was able to connect with him and tell him how she went through things like that and how she handled them.  It was amazing.  Have I said that enough?  haha!

Saturday morning we helped the senior center with a big project.  Then we went to lunch at the pizza place, Garbonzos and got a french fry pizza.  It was good!
  Then we walked from the church around the horseshoe because the son was out and it was such a nice day.  We ran into the Treats and helped them clean their walls a little bit.  Then we went and helped Sister Lewellen with some technical things she couldn't figure out.  Then we went to the Hicks and taught Sherri.  Great lesson!  We went over the baptismal questions to see what Sherri needed to work on before baptism.  It wasn't our plan, but nothing was coming to mind that went along with the plan, so I felt like we should take a different route, and it went so much better.
Ice cream at the Moscrips
Sunday was a long day of meetings.  After Church we went to the treats and planed to teach the plan of salvation, but I felt like we should go over the baptismal questions again.  It worked out really good.  We talked a lot about all aspects of the gospel and we were able to discern what is keeping Hank from getting baptized.  We voiced a lot of concerns... and now the only thing left is his cigar.  So he got an amazing blessing.  I am really hoping that his faith in that blessing is enough to help him stop.  I know it can help him... but he has to know that for it to work.  Later, Sister Clegg had to write something so we went to the church and I finally got to play the piano while she wrote.  It was really nice, and much much needed!!  My fingers are going to need a lot of re-training to be able to play fun songs when I get home and not just hymns.  haha =P

Well I had a lot to say... haha  Hope I didn't put you to sleep.
I learned this Sunday... again (seeing as I have learned it multiple times on my mission) that if we want to find ourselves we have to lose ourselves.  We have to lose our life in the service of Christ.  Doing what Christ would, and doing our best to serve others.  That is the one and only way to truly figure out who our spirit is. =)

Have a great week everyone!  I sure will, cuz I have Christ!! =)
Love, Sister Radmall 

Our Mascot, "Puffer"

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