Monday, February 16, 2015

Exciting news!

This week was seriously they craziest week of my life!  We had so many teaching appointments and service projects and meetings.  I have no idea how we fit it all in.  They were all super important so God helped us find the time we needed to do it all.  If I told you everything in detail I'd be here all day.  So here are the best parts of the week.

Tuesday was the busiest.  We had appointments every hour from 9 to 9 and only 1 canceled.  Never had that before on my mission.  So we were so busy.  We taught Mike and Jerry and committed them to the baptism date of the 21st.  Which they both accepted!  They are both getting baptized this Saturday!!!! We are so stinkin excited! =)  We also went to Sherri's.  She is getting baptized this Saturday as well.  So we are going to have a 3 in one baptism.  The wards are so excited, we are so excited, Sherri, Mike and Jerry are so excited!  Missionary work is just so exciting.  haha!! =)

Wednesday was super busy too.  We took the Horton girls to the purple couch and got chocolate milk.  It was a lot of fun.  I've adopted two more sisters. =)  

Wednesday was another day that we had appointments from 9 to 9 and only one canceled.  2 days in a row!  Craziness.  We went over the baptismal questions with Mike and Jerry and they passed with flying colors.  Though we figured out that Mike drinks coffee every morning.  We were disappointed because he has to be following the word of wisdom for 2 solid weeks before he can get baptized.  But because he was serious about getting baptized, he gave up his coffee and we got permission for him to get baptized even though it wasn't 2 weeks.  So now we have coffee and a coffee maker in our apartment... not really sure what we should do with it.  We'll probably chuck it after the baptism.

Thursday we went on exchanges.  I went with Sister Duncan to Emmett.  She is having a hard time.  I tried to help her, but I don't know if I did.  So if you could pray for her, I think she would really appreciate it. =) We talked a lot about our fun times in Enterprise.  It was fun.

Friday the 13th was Sherri, Mike and Jerry's interviews for baptism.  All passed of course.  They are all ready to get baptized... just like I've been saying like 4 times.  You'd think I was excited or something.  haha =)

Saturday we went to a former investigator/ less active's house to see if the little girl wanted to get baptized.  She does!  So we are going to start teaching her and her baptism will be March 14th.  She is pretty excited.  We just have to help them get a habit of coming to church so after she gets baptized they can stay active.  So that was a good day.  Sister Clegg and I got each other valentines gifts.  And Sherri gave us flowers.  It was so sweet =) 
 I heard an elder say... "This will be your last valentines day spent with the same gender."  haha.  I thought it was funny.  True though.  The Hicks had us over for dinner.  And because it was 60 degrees outside we had a barbecue. It was so good!  It was fun to hang out with them and Sherri.

Sunday we went to ward council and sacrament meeting then Sister Clegg didn't feel well so we went home and she slept.  I did some studying then slept too.  Wow was I tired.  Those times when a companion is sick happen at the perfect time.  It's a blessing to be able to take a break and rest.  Opposition in all things... if you don't know how to work, then you don't know how to rest.  Right? =)  After we rested she felt a lot better.  So we went out and visited a bunch of people.  We finally asked the Hortons if they would be interested in learning and being baptized.  Debbie (the one dying of cancer) wants to get baptized.  But she doesn't know if she can in her condition.  If she can't she wants to be baptized by proxy in the temple a year after she dies.  The girls have expressed interest in being baptized.  Hopefully we can get their grandma on board too.  She is pretty set in her religion.  But she isn't against the church like she was a couple years ago.  So there is hope!  They are thinking about it.  I'll let you know the outcome.  I really hope they accept and we can get them all baptized before their mom dies!!  They are such sweet girls, and it's so hard to see them go through this.  They are handling it better than I probably would.

That was our crazy week.  And I think I told you about 25% of it.  
I studied faith today.  And I learned a couple things about it.  

What is Faith? It is having confidence in something or someone
How to get Faith? Pray, read scriptures, go to church, learn about Christ and the gospel, listen to the Holy Ghost.
Why to have Faith? Those who do are promised eternal life and happiness.

Sounds like a pretty good bargain! =)  We always need to have more faith.  No one can have too much faith.

Love you all!! I am so glad to be on a mission at this time.  There has been so much success in the last month.  It is so amazing to watch people do what us crazy 20 year old girls ask them to do.  It's because this is the true church.  They feel the Holy Ghost and want to change.  We really do have a special calling as the Lord's servants.  And he gives us the power to carry his name and his spirit with us always.  It's going to be a sad day when I have to take off my name tag.  But I am always ready for new adventures so I can learn and grow and prepare to have a family and return with God.
Have a fantastic week filled with the Spirit of God!

Love, Sister Radmall

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