Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Transfer Week: January 19th message

I'm still in New Plymouth!  Super excited!  And I'm still with sister Clegg.  Makes me wonder if I will stay with her for the rest of our missions, or if she will leave for our last 6 weeks.  Hopefully we stay together the whole time. 

We had a crazy week.  I'm so ready for the sun to come out!  Why does the first month of the year have to be the longest and most dreary?  I guess that's better than the middle of the year being that way.

On monday we played some minute to win-it games.  It was pretty fun.  A lot of the missionaries just wanted to play sports... they are boring.  But those that played with us had a fun time! =)  

Then we went to teach Zelle at the Grovers.  It was a pretty good lesson.  Taught her the restoration.  She is 15 though, so I'm pretty sure everything we said went in one ear and out the other.  haha.  We will see if she is interested next week.  Her mom who is less active listened and loved it though.  

Tuesday we went to the Hortons and played Catch Phrase for a while.  They said that we really bring the spirit in their home and really lighten things up.  They love it because it's really hard for them right now.  Their mom is still suffering with cancer.  I also did the twins' hair.  Braided it so it would be curly the next day.  They loved it!  I really love that family.  It's so sad to see them all suffering so much.  I'm glad I am able to be their friend!

Wednesday we went to a stake correlation and talked about how to better the missionary work in the stake.  It went well.  Our stake president is awesome!  After that we came back to New Plymouth and contacted a bunch of people.

Thursday we were at Horton's again. We helped them go through clothes that were too small for the girls. They really appreciated it.  Got it done quick.  Then we went to the Moscrips for dinner.  They invited us over with 2 of his business partners. (this is the millionaire family).  It was awesome.  We had some great gospel conversations.  And they asked us lots of questions about missionary work.  It was good, fun, missionary oriented dinner.  Something both me and Sister Clegg needed.  It was definitely a rich business man's dinner. 

Friday We just contacted a couple people.  Not a lot happened.  Saw and talked to a couple people we haven't for a while, but nothing really came of it.  There are those days that you are there for a reason and you touch their lives and they let you know.... and then there are the days where you don't feel like you are doing anything.  On those days what you are actually doing is growing and helping yourself.  Learning how to be diligent even after a long hard day.

Saturday we took Mike to the Spanish baptism.  He seemed to like it.  We just wanted him to witness a baptism, to see what it's like.  The Spanish sisters and elders actually needed me to play the piano.  They didn't know anyone who could play come thou fount.  They sang the same thing sister Bailey did in La Grande.  Come thou fount music with Joseph Smith's first prayer words (In Spanish).  It worked out perfectly since I had written the music to the arrangement.  So I played for them.  It was pretty cool.  I'm so grateful for my talent of piano!  It is so much fun.  And I love being able to help people and brighten their day with it! =)

Sunday was really long.  We were both kind of tired of church and ward council.  In both ward councils they didn't really talk much about missionary work.  They talked about menial things for ever.  So we were frustrated.  Then our investigator that promised would come didn't.  So it was just a frustrating day for both of us.  But I got spiritually fed a LOT.  During sacrament meeting the word 'Soul' stood out to me in the sacrament prayers.  I thought about how it doesn't say anything about our bodies in the prayers.  Only our souls.  The sacrament is food for the soul.  It really does clean and strengthen us for the rest of the week.  Before yesterday I just took the sacrament without a ton of thought.  I thought about Christ and what he did for me, and I thought about how I could be better during the week.  But I never thought about the strength the sacrament could give me.  Reading the scriptures and praying every morning is a spiritual boost for the day... taking the sacrament is a spiritual bomb that lasts the whole week!  It's pretty cool! =)  So that helped my day get better.  And the Mia Maid adviser came into Relief Society and asked us if we would come teach her class because there wasn't a lesson prepared.  So we went to Young Womens and they asked us all kinds of questions about being a missionary.  It was so fun! I hope we got them excited to be missionaries!  That gave us the push we needed to go work the rest of the day.  I love church!

That was our crazy week.  Lots of ups and downs.  Pushing through hard times and looking back at all the blessings.  Good week =)

We are reading Jesus the Christ together as a companionship.  It's a long process but we are almost halfway done!  It is such an amazing book!  I am learning so much about Christ.  I'm also reading 'The Continuous Atonement' by Brad Wilcox.  Also an awesome book about Christ.  They are so good.  I recommend both of them =)

Love you all!
Remember that Christ doesn't just make up the difference, he IS the difference!  He isn't asking us to repent so we can pay him back, but so we can learn for ourselves.
Sister Radmall 

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