Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

So, this week had it's ups and downs.  I think the best part of the week was Thursday and Friday.

Beautiful Elgin

  The others were a little hard.  But not terrible =)

Monday after emailing we did our normal shopping, cleaning, etc.  Then we went to the church like usual to play piano.  Always fun.  We are working on a piano organ duet of come come ye saints.  So cool!  I really want to play an organ piano duet in a sacrament meeting some day! 

Tuesday we went to Elgin to visit some people.  I think the hardest part of this last week was the fact that NO ONE was home!  They were all out of town at families, or camping up at Wallowa lake (where I wish I could have been.  haha.)  We did go on splits with some members.  That was fun.  I went with Sister Miller again. She is just so adorable!  Very talkative.  Which is good cuz I didn't have a lot to say that night.  We went to one house and didn't get a very friendly farewell.  But Sister Miller heard him say 'cya later'.  Not what he said....  But that doesn't matter.  We are going back to visit his wife.  Sorry, I'm kinda blubbering today.  haha.  
That night we got to teach the Bishop and his wife lesson 1.  We are trying to get into the member's homes more and bring the spirit of missionary work.  So we are wanting to teach all the leaders the restoration to show them it's really not scary.  It went well I think.  They enjoyed it.  We commited them to think of someone they can bring closer to Christ and to pray about how they can best do that.  =)  I think it will turn out well in the long run.  Something will come of it... probably after I leave. =P  That seems to be the pattern of my mission.

Wednesday was my half way birthday!!!  It was weird.  Not gonna lie, I wasn't completely excited.  Though it was fun to think that I am not one of the new sisters anymore.  I am actually the 'oldest' sister in my zone.  That was crazy to grasp.  Sister M was so nice.  She gave me a cute little gift and a note for my 9 month day =)
We did a lot of service.  Planted a flower in a non-member's yard (which now isn't doing so good :P whoops)  Then we went to a place called People Helping People and helped sort clothes and put them on hangers.  Then we went to go wash our car while in jeans because the next day Elder Short was taking it and he wanted it spick and span.  That was a really good way to cool off!  I highly suggest washing a car on a hot day.  We may have gotten in a small water fight.  haha!  Then we had to run over to the store to get some change to vacumm.  haha.  It was weird to walk into the store in jeans.  I felt really out of place.  Which is odd, cuz no one wears skirts in the store.  Bought a box of Klondike bars, got some change, and vacuumed.  A lot of work just to get the van vacuumed.  And you probably didn't care.  Oh well =)  Later we taught our investigator, Colton, the first lesson.  And he accepted to be baptized!  It was fantastic!  We are so excited.  He is a golden investigator.  So ready for the gospel in his life.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if he would like to start from the beginning or if he wants us to give him a chapter... he said, very excitedly, "oh, I'm going to go home and sit down and start reading it right now!"  It was so cute =)  He is 13 by the way.  What 13 year old boy wants to sit down and read the Book of Mormon?? Or any book for that matter?  

Thursday was zone meeting.  Lots of fun.  But a lot of people were way late.  So we started late, and ended late, and didn't get a break in the middle.  But that's okay!   It was still good.  We switched cars.  So no more Dodge minivan.  It's now a little red Subaru.  Fun to drive.  Nothing exciting on Thursday.  Visited some people.

Friday the 4th!  We went to a ward breakfast.  Fun stuff.  I didn't recognize hardly anyone.  I'm still getting there.  But I did recognize a few.  So I was happy about that.  We were asked not to proselyte that day, so we did our weekly planning.  Then we went to a member's house up in the mountains in Elgin.  That was fun.  Had a barbeque, then just relaxed for a bit because no one else had invited us over.  We also had to be in at 6 pm.  So we had 3 hours to do stuff.  We had a spa night =)  Did our nails and facials.  It was nice to take a breather.  That was a holiday that was very much needed.  We had a lot of cookies that night, so we were pretty giggly and silly.  IT was a blast!  The fireworks started at 10 at the university, so we were able to watch them because we could see them from our house and they finished in time for bed.  It was fun!

Wow, this is a novel.  Sorry.  I wouldn't be surprised if you are bored already.  haha!

Saturday we did a lot of yard work again.  Helped a recent convert plant some seeds.(it's a little late to start planting, I hope they grow)  Then we went to a member's house who we knew needs yard work done but can't do it.  We just showed up and said, 'Where do you want us to start?'  She was so grateful.  We will be going back next week. (Gaining the member's trust has begun!) After that we saw a recent convert who is going through a really rough time.  She was so grateful for our visit.  It was perfect timing.  We are going to go to lunch with her this week.  It should be fun!  Then we had dinner at a non-member's.  That was good, then met with the ward mission leaders.

Sunday was just really long.  6 hours of church while fasting.  Wasn't bad. Just really long!  Had another lesson with Colton.  That went well again!  We asked him how he is feeling about his baptism.  He said, "Good! I just keep wanting it to come faster and faster!"  He is so awesome =)  So excited!  Later we met with some investigators that we took from the elders.  Hoping to get them progressing more.  That was exciting.  Someone else to teach!

That was pretty much our week.  I seriously had a lot to say.  haha!  hope you didn't get too bored ;)
Love you all
~Sister Radmall

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