Monday, July 14, 2014

9 months, 7 companions, 4 areas, and Counting...

There are just a couple highlights from this week.  So I'm not even going to go through every day.  Haha.  It might be a little less boring =)

On Tuesday we got a baptismal date!  His baptism is actually this Thursday.  But we are trying to change it to Saturday.  His name is Kaydon.  He is 11 I think.  His mom is a member, his dad isn't.  He is pretty excited, but nervous to get baptized.  Been wanting to forever but they haven't been able to follow through with the dates they set.  So hopefully this time we can get him =)

On Wednesday we went to Elgin.  Always fun in Elgin.  
We met with the bishop.  Which, I don't know if I already told you, is Esther Palmer's brother.  Crazy small world huh?? =)  Kinda fun!  He has been past my house!  Haha.  He visited them when they lived in Trenton.  I never would have thought that a neighbor's brother would be my bishop in the mission.  Connections everywhere.

We had a picnic with a less active lady on Thursday.  She had so much fun.  She has had some trauma in her life I guess, and she hasn't really been out in the world for a really long time.  So we are trying to help her get out.  She has been wanting to have a barbecue, so we took her on a picnic because it was kinda close to a barbecue.  She is coming to sacrament meeting regularly now.  We just have to work on getting her to Sunday school, and she has a calling in the nursery.  So that is the next step =)  She is so fun.  I love her!  We had another lesson with Colton.  He is still so excited for his baptism.  We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It went good.  But I was feeling kinda sick that whole day, so I was really out of it.  My brain was seriously not connected to my mouth.  I couldn't say anything I wanted and it was just embarrassing.  But funny now.  Sister Mackelprang had my back though.  She helped me out a lot in that lesson.  That's what companions are for!  And the next day she couldn't get out what she was trying to say, so I had her back.  It's pretty great.  haha.  I don't know what's going to happen when neither of us has our head screwed on right one day.  Haha!  Oh ya!  Also on Thursday we had a flat tire.  That was exciting.  I'm sure we could have called Les Schwab, but I wanted to show Sis. M how to change a tire so she could do it.  Those lug nuts were on there good.  haha.  I was so sore the next day!  I got all of them off then a member stopped and helped get the last one on.  Though I loved the help I was really disappointed that I did all that work and wasn't even able to finish it. haha ;)  He was so nice though.  And hopefully Sis. M knows how to change a tire now.  Haha.

Saturday we got some really yummy fresh cherries.  We took some around to people =)  Yup, that was fun.  Had dinner with a non-member who feeds us every week.  She is opening up a little I think. She isn't interested in religion, yet she feeds us, and now she is inviting her mormon friend from work to eat with us.  So that's good progress =)  It's amazing how the Lord softens hearts even when you really don't think they can be softened.  And you absolutely know that you can't soften them.  It's the spirit working within her.  So cool.

We had so many meetings on Sunday!  Ward council at 7:30, missionary correlation meeting at 8:30, church at 9-10:50, another ward council at 11, run home for lunch and go to a non-member's birthday party for 10 minutes, then to a stake missionary correlation meeting at 12:30, and church at 1-4 where I was talking in sacrament meeting.  Crazy day!  Then we had dinner and a lesson with Colton at a member's house at 5.  After that is when if finally slowed down.  We were able to visit a couple people.  One of which is a member who just sent her son off to the MTC in Chile.  So we were able to talk to her about that and help some of her fears.  It's kinda fun to talk to people who have missionaries.  Gives me an idea of what you guys think about ;)

That was my crazy week with the fun experiences and the not expected experiences.  haha.  Always an adventure.

My talk on Sunday was about how to recognize revelation.  I learned a lot from it.  And I know I was supposed to talk on that because my topic was the Holy Ghost and when I started preparing for other subjects under that topic I was blank.  I just couldn't come up with anything.  So I know someone in the audience needed to hear how to recognize revelation.  And it very well could have just been me!  So here are the 4 things to remember when wanting to recognize your revelation
1. The Lord's timetable is not your timetable- be patient with his answer.... if he says yes it is to build confidence, if he says no it is to correct error, if he with holds his answer it is to help us grow.
2. The Lord rarely speaks loudly.  His message almost always come in a whisper, a feeling
3. Answers don't come until we study it out in our minds and act on our own judgement and agency.
4.Revelation that gives us a testimony is not an event but a process.

So remember those =)  Wish I could give more detail, but I'm running out of time.  I got the ideas from a Dallin H. Oaks talk in August 2013 ensign and Richard G. Scott in June 2014 Ensign.

Have a great week!

 Give everyone hugs for me! =)

Love, Sister Radmall

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