Monday, August 4, 2014

To be... Transfered... or not to be...

Hey everyone!
So today is tranfers... but it's just another normal day for me.  Cuz I'm staying another six weeks in La Grande with Sister Mackelprang!  I am so excited =)  Love her to death!  She is like my little sister!  It's the best.  Enterprise was the best area... this transfer and last transfer are probably going to be the best transfers!
La Grande District
So for my week... Nothing exciting really.  But I'll talk about highlights =)
On Tuesday Elgin had a barbecue.  So we got to go to that.  And we got to play volleyball for a bit.  That was fun.  A good way to meet the members ;)  I was very proper while playing because we were in skirts.  haha, but it was still fun.  I miss that sport!

Wednesday we taught our newly baptized member, Kaydon, the first new member lesson.  My first time teaching a new member lesson.  The Hurst's friend, Meg, came with us.  It was great!  She helped out a ton.

Thursday we made brownies!  Chocolate, with chocolate chip, and chocolate fudge on top, and we added some m&ms.  haha =)  It was great!  But we did do missionary work too.  haha.  We also went to the ward mission leaders house for dinner.  That was a blast.  We made carnival treats.  haha.  First we had real food, hamburgers, then we made ice cream and cotton candy, funnel cakes, and snow cones.  Crazy sugar.  But it was fun. And they invited a non-member who seemed somewhat interested in the message we shared.  So that's a bonus!
Cotton Candy made from a Jolly Rancher
Friday was August!  Ah! Best month of the year ;)  We went to a potential investigators house to invite her to a relief society thing.  The first couple times we have gone she hasn't been very talk-a-tive or friendly.  We had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get conversation.  But this time it was much easier.  She was much more friendly.  And she commented on the message we shared.  It was awesome! Made us so happy.

On Saturday we went back to that lady's house to help her clean out her freezer and defrost it.  That really opened her up.  She asked about our missions and about after the mission.  We asked her about her son and his plans to go on a mission.  She was so much more friendly.  That shows what a little bit of service really can do!  It can break the ice.  No matter how thick =)  (I didn't mean that as a pun since we were cleaning out the freezer.  haha;) )  We also did some yard work for a lady that is getting married.  The elders actually asked us to help.  So she wasn't even in our ward.  Her yard was really bad and they are trying to get it ready for their wedding.  Looks good.  Getting there.  Still a lot to do.  So that will probably be our weekly yard work for the next 4 weeks.  Fun stuff =) 

Sunday we played our duet in 3rd ward.  It was a little odd playing a musical number on fast sunday.  But the bishop wanted us to play it and we weren't sure if we were staying or not.  So it was his only option.  It really set the spirit for testimony meeting though.  So that was fantastic!
Sister Miller:  Cutest lady ever!
So... advice... get to know your missionaries!!!!!!! =D  They will love you and thank you for it!  It helps.  I promise.  As a missionary it is our goal to make best friends with the members--especially the leaders.  Because that is the best way to get investigators.  So make friends with the missionaries and then think of someone you can introduce them to.  I promise the introducing part wont go wrong if you do it out of love.  Just a thought I had at church.  We have been working for weeks to make friends with the members.  And we finally are getting somewhere.  So make it easier for your missionaries to befriend you =)  That's my advice... don't think I'm being bossy though.  Haha =)

Have a fabulous week.  
Love you!
Sister Radmall

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