Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Week of the Transfer in La Grande

I can't believe another transfer is gone again.  This coming week is the last week.  The new transfer will begin on August 4th.  Time flies when you look behind, but is daunting when you look ahead... solution: look now =)  Then it's in between.  haha.  Not that I'm counting, but I have 6 more tranfers.. Which equals 8 months. :P  Yuck!  haha.

So this email will probably be shorter because I had so many pictures this week.  So I'll just do awesome highlights.

Monday was probably the best Monday on the mission!  We got to go to Enterprise as you know.  We had so much fun up on the tram.  
Then we went to the chocolate shop and did some window shopping (cuz we were all out of money)  then we saw Larry and Gene =)  Spent like two hours over there.  Just talking and laughing.  It was so fun.  Adopted grandma and grandpa they are =D  Then we played the piano at the Hipples for a bit, then went to Ranzie's baptism.  
Very good!  So fun to see so many of my dear friends there.  I felt so welcomed.  It was awesome.  It really felt like I was going home.  That's how welcomed I felt.  Then we had dinner at Hunters.  That was nice too.  Relaxing.  Then drove an hour and a half home =)  Great day!  Totally want to do it again.

We practiced the piano a lot this week.  Because we played in Sacrament meeting yesterday.  We played a really pretty duet by Sally Deford, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"  It is super pretty.  If it wasn't so long I would send the video.  Guess you'll just have to wait till I get home to see it.  

Thursday we were able to go to girls camp for dinner and testimony meeting!  That was so awesome.  So fun to see all the girls and feel their spirits.  We bore our testimony.  It brought back fond memories.  If I went to girls camp and a sister missionary bore her testimony I would be so influenced... So, that's what I was hoping for as I shared my testimony of God's love for us.  I really hope I helped someone's testimony grow.  Saw some Enterprise people there again too, cuz I was a stake girls camp.

There was a 4 ward pioneer celebration on Friday.... no one celebrated on the 24th, it was disappointing.  haha! Utah thing ;)  There was fried chicken dinner... and a lot left over, so we have a bunch of fried chicken in the fridge.

Saturday one ward had another pioneer celebration.  It was a blast!  Not very long.  Just a pot luck and some games.  But we participated in the games.  haha.  A watermelon eating contest.  Lost that one.  But it was fun.  A water balloon tossing contest... me and Sis. M won that one.  And a seed spitting contest.  Also lost that one =)  It wasn't the same as Trenton's celebration.  Not even close.  But it was still a lot of fun.  And the members really love me now that I participated in their games.  haha!!  Saturday was also Colton's baptism!  It went really well.  We were on top of things this time.  Now that we are 'experienced'  from our previous mess ups.  Haha.  He is so excited!  He definitely felt the spirit multiple times.  It's amazing just how much the gospel can influence someone so strongly to the point that they are excited to get dunked in water.  It is a saving ordinance.  I know that.  And that is why the spirit is so strong when there is a baptism.  Angels are rejoicing because Colton can now have the complete opportunity to live with God again.  It's a beautiful thing.  Don't know if any of that made sense.  haha.

Sunday was our duet.  It went really well.  That song really brought the spirit =)  I love being with a companion that plays the piano! It's the best!

That was the week =)  Well, the best parts.... hope you all had a fantastic week as well.

I read this scripture in sunday school yesterday... Mark 2:27, "And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath."
We shouldn't take the sabbath day for granted.  It was made for us, for our benefit and enjoyment.  It should be important to us.  Don't take the sabbath lightly.  It's a gift from God just like the Holy Ghost. =)

Love, Sister Radmall

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